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          ● Multi-alloy and high strength graphite state ingot mold; chrome-nickel alloy and Cr30 hood; anode copper mold, blister copper mold, silver ingot mold.
          ● Multi-alloy steel, manganese steel and high chrome steel liner modified board; super-hard and high and low chromium wear-resistant ball.
          ● Cr-Mo alloy of copper rare earth fluorine sub-acid plant, nickel-chromium alloy and low-chromium alloy fluorine sub-acid plant; converter column, Grate Plate, Corrosion and more pipe, casing and all kinds of low-alloy tube of concentrated sulfuric acid.

          • ·Yunnan Copper Industry Co., Ltd.
          • ·Nandan County, South Smelting Co., Ltd.
          • ·Hanzhong Bayi Zinc Industry Co., Ltd.
          • ·Yuntianhua International Fertilizer Co., Ltd.
          • ·Ring Chemical Co., Ltd. Yunnan
          • ·Yunfeng company Xuanwei
          • ·Chuxiong Yunnan Smelter
          • ·Cloud Dragon Industrial Co., Ltd.
          • ·Town Kangdong Hong Zinc Industry Co., Ltd.
          • ·Yunnan Tin Chong Yuen Industrial Co., Ltd.
          • ·Lanping Kang Yahua Zinc Industry Co., Ltd.
          • ·Baoshan Yongchang Zinc Co., Ltd.
          • ·Zhenyuan Zinc Plant in Guizhou
          • ·Sichuan Xichang Panxi smelter
          • ·Sichuan Xichang Zinc Industry Co., Ltd.
          • ·Lanping Zinc Industry Co., TIS
          • ·Yiliang County Jinzhu Cement Co., Ltd.
          • ·Red Triangle Zinc Industry Co., Ltd.
          • ·Chemical Co., Ltd. Shaanxi state field
          • ·Co., Ltd. Guangdong Taishan City phosphate fertilizer plant
          • ·Maoming City, Feng Fei Industry Co., Ltd. Earth
          • ·Luzhai Fertilizer Co., Ltd. Guangxi
          • ·Silver Spring Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. Guangxi
          • ·Xichang Zinc Industry Co., Ltd. together
          • ·Orient Titanium Co., Ltd., Panzhihua
          • ·Kunming Metallurgical Co., Ltd. Dongsheng
          • ·Kunming Chuan Jinnuo Chemical Co., Ltd.
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